Some stuff are only doable with the right Network.

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SPLENET offers you with expert system Engineers who create high-level design, detailed low-level design and prepare a network implementation plan document that implement in the most efficient manner with minimum disruption to your existing services.

SPLENET has various types of technical outsourcing that match your needs. From complete outsourcing to selective and remote outsourcing.  Weather complete, selective or remote outsourcing: our services exceeds expectations. We optimize your IT costs and make it more efficient.

SPLENET provides various IP Datacom Network products for enterprise office campus networks (Routers, Switches, Access Points, Wireless LAN controllers...etc) using multi-vendor devices.

Weather you are a retail, hotel or a business building, Consult SPLENET to offer you the best Wi-Fi products in the market that is robust and can meet your business demands. We also provide a site survey and a plan to manage your Wi-Fi network efficiently.



Because our relationship with our customers is very important to us, we always make it a point to keep you updated in the latest news and offerings.

We help you to build a Simplified, intelligent and ultra-bandwidth Data Center for various applications and network sizes. SPLENET consider key factors while designing such as: network scaling, automation, programmability and real-time visibility.

There are various servers and storage systems available in the market. SPLENET Product managers will be glad to advise you with the right server and storage system that match your business and budget needs.


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